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I started my love for computers back when I was 11 years old when I found my first computer in the trash. No joke, someone threw away a computer that they said didn't work. But in a short time I was able to make it work and thats where my love for tech started. I spent 10 years in the Army honing my troubleshooting skills and learning on some of the state of the art equipment.Fast forward, over the past 6 years I have helped several multi-billion dollar startups go from 50 employees to hundreds without incident. I have enjoyed taking an out of the box approach to providing a positive experience with technology and software.






  • Barrett Jackson


  • Southwest Turbine


  • Arizona Grand Resort


  • Wydebeam Broadband (Phoenix Internet)


  • Radiant Church


  • United States Army

NXU Technologies

Company Intranet | September 2023 - October 2023

  • Designed and Implemented internal intranet for company use to maintain communication between employees and upper management.

  • Utilized the Refined application to pull information from Atlassian Confluence to design and implement data from Confluence into a more searchable location

More to come


I have been working on extending my ability to go outside of the traditional Information Technology knowledge and learn things like HTML, React and other softwares to extend that knowledge. A good colleague of mine is looking to add value to his current growing Managed Service Provider (MSP) and add a few features he is lacking. The first feature I am working on is a status page for each client to monitor their website, web applications and even monitor internal network devices. This will add value to clients to look or receive notifications when a system is down and be able to check that service on the status page. Knowing they received the notification, then then know that the MSP also received and is proactively working on the issue.Now I know there are a lot of status pages out there and businesses can just go and spend money to get one and start adding systems to monitor, but I wanted something that was either cloud based or a small device in the client network doing the monitoring. So here it goes.LastAdmin Status PageThe Page is using the Uptime Kuma self-hosted monitoring tool.
One feature is the incident and maintenance mode. These features allow you to add information via API to the page if there is an outage (incident) or scheduled outage (maintenance). This will display information on the status page of the current state of the device and can be updated manually or via API of the status. This allows the client to view the current issues, steps being taken, and time line of what is happening. I believe this will allow the MSP to focus on the issue and not be bombarded with countless phone calls.


Enterprise VPN 2023

Tailscale VPN is an enterprise level VPN solution for companies trying to manage remote access from vendors, contractors and employees in the field or working from home. It allows you to leverage already existing equipment to manage routes and security protocols already built into your already secure environment. Traditional VPN is a one way communication between your end user and a VPN server or device within your on premise environment.Tailscale eliminates the single point of failure in your environment and allows your end users to access cloud and remote resources without having to travel through your on premise environment.Project: Design a VPN Network that will allow multiple network to have the same subnetDesign: Tailscale configured with the 4X6 Router setup allows you to have the same subnet in the same overall network by utilizing the IPV6 network address. Since Tailscale utilizes the ability to have its own DNS and its own VPN network that is a /8, while on Tailscale VPN you can access any network device, while using secure ACL’s, on the Tailscale network using the Tailscale subnet.ACL’s: These are used to provide security to the access within Tailscale. This allows you to map out policies on each user and how they will access the systems and which systems they are allows to access. The setup allowed us to segregate user within a specific network once they accessed that subnet. Not allowing that user to talk to other subnets until they disconnected. This eliminated accessing the wrong system and allowed the end user to know what system they were in.The overall project was simple to implement in a small environment. Once the environment started to grow we had to add another piece of software to manage access to equipment via SSH. Termius was selected as a way to manage access, who was accessing and also allowed developers to cross communicate while in the same piece of equipment. This also helped with onboarding new developers as they didn’t have to setup a new environment and could just fall into one that already existed.


Tailscale Enterprise VPN

NXU Technologies | August 23 - October 23

  • Designed and provided a true zerotrust VPN solution

  • Implemented Tailscale VPN to remote support to team be able to access the internal network remotely

  • Setup Tailscale DNS to allow access via IP address or hostname

  • This solution provide secure access to resources, cost affective solution and decreased the amount of time it takes to support issues.

  • Project Link


GitHub Enterprise 2023

Diamond Age 3D | December 22 - January 23

  • Designed and Implemented GitHub Enterprise on premise server

  • Setup new groups and helped migrate repositories from old system

  • Migrated all Auth Keys from old system to new system to give ease of access

  • Architected the systems data storage using MINIO and setup replication of Pages and Actions

  • Implemented Self Hosted Runners onsite utilizing Linux Ubuntu and Archlinux on Mac Studio pro for AMD and ARM commits

  • Designed and Implemented on demand runners for high end projects

  • Setup diagnostics web interface so developers can see impact of jobs on runners

  • Setup LDAP connection to provide group permissions

  • Setup and Test Offsite Github Replication server


SAAS, SSO Implementation 2021-2022

SAAS SSO – To allow fast growth at a fast pace we needed to be able to bring new applications online quickly and also allow for security while doing it.
Leveraging Okta SSO into our environment allowed us to manage user access and onboarding very quickly. This also allows us to off-board any employees leaving the company via a single click of a button, which protects our environment.
Okta also allows us to leverage MFA for our applications and any internal applications we may build to add an extra layer of security.
From March 2021 to July 2022 we successfully onboarded 67 applications utilizing Okta. With this added security we met opposition because of the nature of MFA. We then leverage the Okta Verify mobile app which allows a much smoother MFA experience and allows our field team to authenticate much quicker.Also with Okta we have begun using Okta’s Workflow which allows us to connect to specific applications to sync data that otherwise isn’t added based on the application. This has also sped up our timeframe of information and making sure application data is universal.


Lessen Onboarding (2021-2022)

Starting with only 100 employees and scaling to 700 employees within 10 months took precise calculation on equipment and delivery.
Onboarded 600+ employees and successfully shipped over 3000+ pieces of equipment to remote teams. All equipment was designed, built and shipped with employees ready to work on day one with minimum issues.
The task wasn’t easy due to the nature of chip shortage and supply chain issues. Working with our procurement company and receiving daily updates of what was available helped our team execute one of the fastest growths I have ever been apart of. We were able to onboarding over 40 brand new employees each Monday for several months straight. This showed the strength and residency that my team has


Lessen Intranet (2022)

  • Worked to help build out the intranet using Simpplr for Lessen. This setup helped me take the courses needed to understand how to setup Simpplr.

  • Setup Mapping for direct data from Okta to Simpplr

  • Setup Favicon

  • Setup Email Support

  • Setup SAML Login

  • Setup Mobile App


Lessen Academy (2022)

Lessen has committed to the success of its employees by implementing a Learning Management System that will allow employees to take courses to increase there knowledge to not only provide resources, but increase the capacity of Lessen knowledge.
Setup SAML Connection
Setup User Accounts
Setup Rules for Employee ID linking
Imported over 3000+ courses manually


Nikola World (2019)In 2019 Nikola Motor Company revealed to the world its Class A Nikola Two and Nikola Tre Vehicles. At Nikola world it was a way for Investors, Fleet managers and everyday people to come out and see all of the products that Nikola was working on. From their full electric Side By Side to their Full Sleeper Semi Truck.Project: Provide stability for the live event that would be broadcast world wide
As the project was taking off, we needed a solid network that would be able to broadcast the live network. We also needed high quality internet for the check in stations for the vehicle and some other booths.
We provided a 1G/1G network that allowed the show to be flawless.Also was apart of the VR setup to test drive the fully electric Side By Side.


Nikola Motor Company (2018-2022)Installed 55 48 port POE switches to provide network to over 2000 data ports. Installed 35 Access Points and designed the wireless network.Connected HVAC, Building Automation, Lighting, Security Cameras, and Building Access to the local network. This network was segregated by VLAN networks for security and accessibility.HVAC – Connected HVAC system via mycomfy bacnet to allow mycomfy app access to the HVAC systems and allow end users to control via mobile applicationsLighting – Connected Lighting system via Siemens banet to allow lighting control in mycomfy applicationHID Building Access – Worked directly with Siemens to build, design and install Siemens HID system and built out all security aspects of ID Card accessWireless – Installed UNIFI wireless network with Radius access. Radius access gave access to specific VLAN networks and provided scripting for network access while onsite.PLM | MES | 3DExperience – From Solidworks and moving into the 3DExperience we worked hard to build the environment through Phase I. This phase setup and installed 13 Production Windows Server 2016 servers with SQL databases, Website access along with server monitoring and security measures implemented to protect intellectual property. To date over 100 users use this system to build out the vehicles, design the manufacturing facility and build and create the BOM for Dynamics 365.Work from Home – During the height of the Covid Pandemic I worked tirelessly to built a robust security OpenVPN network with failover clustering to provide direct connect while end users were working from home. Implemented scripting designs to give access to local resources will not at the office. Created VPN network that would also protect the home network when connected. One of those designs was implementing DarkTrace as our Cyber Security SIEM. This provided SAAS security, GEO location Security and gave the IT team a larger over view of what was happening daily on our network.Network Monitoring – Implemented Zabbix network monitoring. This was designed to monitor CPU and Memory usage of our PLM/MES environment. Adding in auto recovery to the system allowed our server environment to self heal in the event of an incident. Also adding in a secure level 3 SNMP monitoring into Zabbix to monitor UNIFI system to setup alerts of over utilized networks, disconnected Access Points, and heart beat misses from network switches.Showroom Displays – To provide information to employees and visitors I installed 4 televisions in the main show room. This provided daily information, social media, stock, new employee, and office layout information. We also displayed Executive information the showed off our products to incoming visitors. We used a cloud program called digital cloud.Touch Screens – In the height of the move into the new facility our engineers were in need of large screens to show 3D CAD to teams. The struggle was moving these models easily without the need of a mouse or being tied to the end users computer. After contacting our procurement partner and working with View Sonic we found a solution that would allow our engineers to spin full size CAD with the touch of their finger and give Engineers the ability to display vehicles easily at a low cost.Collaboration Spaces – Setup Google Meet Hardware in 30 meeting locations. This allowed for easy collaboration using the same tools that we use everyday. Also adding in smart TV’s into these areas end users could project directly to the TV’s using Google Chrome CastManufacturing Design – Working with the Manufacturing Team we built a segregated network that was only accessible by the Manufacturing Team which provided network security to all CNC and 3D Printers.Fleet Manager – As the Vehicles were being built and designed we need to come up a with a way to track the Vehicle as they moved from port to port. We also needed a way to track the vehicles during testing phases. Using Snipe-IT we were able to design a system would track the deployment and check out of each vehicle. Along with adding on assets, accessories and configurations of each vehicle. This helped with tracking all movement of new vehicles.Asset Manager – With over 550 employees and thousands of assets we needed to be able to track all incoming and out going equipment. Using Snipe-IT we were able to setup tracking of all assets, whether in signing out assets or putting assets in maintenance mode, we could track all aspects of the assets. We were also able to integrate Snipe-IT without our Jira Platform that helped with asset tickets.Virtual Reality – During the early days of design there was a need to visually see the vehicle in a way that could reduce time and money. Adding on HTC virtual reality and working with the design team, we were able to design and implement VR into the build of our vehicles. This helped with timing and budget and has increased our ability to add new features or functions to the vehicles from a 2D design to a full 3D design that you can walk around and visually see the changes.Audio/Video – As Nikola was gaining ground in early 2019 we needed the ability to present the CEO and President to various news outlets. This originally fell on the IT department. We initially took a room in the HQ and turned it into an “On Air” room. We sound proofed the room, brought in an outside lighting company and created the environment that didn’t look like a blank room. Then we added in several TVs, a video recording device, Mac, and mics for one on one conversations.
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Below is the current list of software that I have more than 2 years of knowledge managing, implementing and administering to enterprise size companies.

  • 3DExperience | CATIA V5-6 | No Magic

  • Okta – Single Sign On

  • Atlassian –Jira/Confluence/Service Desk

  • Amazon Web Services IAM/ Billing

  • Azure AD – Microsoft Cloud AD

  • Azure DevOps – Admin

  • Cypress – End to end testing

  • Dialpad – Cloud VOIP

  • Docker Hub

  • DocuSign – Admin

  • Drata – SOC2 compliance

  • Expensify – Accounting Reimbursement

  • Figma – Design Tool

  • Filestack

  • Fullstory – Analytics

  • Github Enterprise – Build, Design, Secure

  • Github Self Hosted Runners

  • Google Workspace – Certified

  • HTML

  • HyperPing – Admin


  • Lattice – OKTR system

  • LinkedIn Learning

  • Lucid Chart – Design

  • Linux LTS

  • Maze – Admin

  • Microsoft Office 365 Tenant

  • MIRO – Design


  • MongoDB – Database

  • NetSuite – Admin

  • Okta SSO – Admin

  • Optimizely – Admin

  • PagerDuty – Admin

  • Perimeter81 – Admin, Design

  • Salesforce – Admin

  • SendGrid – Admin, Design

  • Slack – Admin, Manage

  • SmartSheet – Legal Sheets

  • Solid Works - Design, PLM

  • Sumo Logic – SIEM

  • Tailscale VPN – Admin, Design

  • TeamCenter NX

  • Trello – Admin

  • WireGuard Security VPN


NXU Technologies LLC | IT Manager | August 2023 - Present

As the IT Manager my main focus was to bring the company network and SAAS environments up to SEC security standards. I managed to do this in a very short time frame by utilizing skills I had attained at previous companies and brought NXU up to speed quickly. My Next focus was to provide support to the charging station network which the company had changed focus on. This allowed me to learn new Cyber Security standards. By focusing on this I was able to setup Tailscale VPN solution to remove outdated and heavy VPN solution and increased our security stature.


Systems Engineering Services | Sr. Manager of IT | May 2023 - August 2023

As a Sr. Manager of IT (Contract) I was brought on to consult for SESC to Genius Avenue. The consulting consisted of tracking down security concerns, tracking down data that had been lost, and providing day to day support to bring the company back up to security standards. This included setting up a helpdesk, setting up an onboarding process, designing new security processes in Office 365, building and designing a status page for their web services, managing certificate renewals.


Diamond Age 3D | Director of IT | November 2022 - May 2023

As the Director of IT at DA3D I was in charge of a 6 person team which provided network support, desktop support, DevOps support and field operations support. While working at DA3D I was put in charge of migrating the companies DevOps from Gitea to Github and also in charge of bringing a new VPN solution into the company to provide a more streamline access to the field equipment.


Lessen Inc | Director of IT | February 2021 - November 2022

As the Director of Information Technology for Lessen my main focus is to provide a positive experience with technology and deliver on time hardware, network, security and software solutions. This isn't the only limitation to my position. As a member of a team at Lessen my goal is to full fill the need to any department as it arises no matter the scope or details.
While at Lessen I was in charge of moving the company to our New HQ, standing up 4 remote locations, Miami, Georgia, Texas, and Las Vegas. Also was involved in standing up HQ2 in Seattle, Washington.


Nikola Motor Company | Senior Manager, IT | October 2018 - June 2021

Nikola was the first Startup company that I had the pleasure of working with. I started out early as the Lead IT Professional and quickly moved up as the Senior Manager, IT. My main roles were to maintain computer systems, onboard new employees and maintain conference room equipment. In April of 2019 we moved from a warehouse to the new 50,000 sq ft HQ in Phoenix. This task allowed me to build and design the network from top down and gave me the ability to learn new designs. Also in April of 2019 I was in charge of setting up the network for Nikola World. Over the years at Nikola I was apart of many upgrades to systems and designs and even helped the company navigate through the COVID pandemic by utilizing VPN solutions for remote workers.


BVA INC | Senior System Architect | April 2018 - October 2018

Take ownership of design development and implementation of client projects. Work with client executive team members, decision makers, and stakeholders to define business requirements and systems goals, and to identify and resolve business systems issues. Collaborate with client network staff (as applicable) to ensure smooth and reliable operation of software and systems for fulfilling business objectives and processes. Develop Statements of Work and project proposals with internal President and sales team. Gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of existing client systems to develop and implement strategies for improvement. Integrate servers, including database, e-mail, print, and backup servers and their associated software into enterprise systems. Maintain multiple secure network environments and infrastructure solutions for all clients. Create and maintain documentation as it relates to system configuration, mapping, processes and service records. Address issues with client accounts in a timely and professional manner. Drive firm technology to new areas (test and vet). Interact with clients and employees in a courteous, business-like manner.


Barrett-Jackson | Systems Engineer | June 2017- April 2018

Design and Implement Network configurations to provide security at HQ and Auctions. Configure and monitor networking, servers, PC, and Wireless Networks for Auctions. Setup and Design Auction equipment and infrastructure for 4 auctions yearly. Guide and Mentor IT Staff to provide expert knowledge of Network. Manage all properties owned and operated by Barrett-Jackson. Install and design wireless network for Auctions to include networks during Live Auctions. Create Auction networks to secure Live feeds for stage crew to provide a seamless handoff and provide fast internet


itSynergy | Net Admin | February 2017- June 2017

  • Create a dynamic alignment between the customer and the companies technology solutions to create a standard for security and use.

  • Help with HelpDesk when issues arise

  • Meet with customers to discuss alignment


CompuPartners | Computer Network Engineer | June 2016 - January 2017

  • Provide direct support for enterprise companies throughout the Phx Valley

  • Design and Implement new technologies and network design

  • Meet with customers to plan and design technologies to provide optimal support

  • Troubleshoot and fix all computer issues within each companies network design.


Military Assistance Mission | Director of Operations | March 2016 - June 2016

  • In charge of day to day operations

  • Website design

  • Support for our Active Duty Service Members


Southwest Turbine Inc. | IT Manager / Safety Officer (OSHA) | May 2014-April 2016

  • In charge of Day to Day Computer and Networking to include Servers, Website, Computers, CAD Machines, and Engineering Computers

  • Manage all licensing

  • Migrate On Premise server to the cloud

  • Manage physical and digital security

  • Maintain company ERP System


Phreedom Technologies | Level II Systems Administrator  | November 2013-May 2014

  • Systems Administrator for several medium sized businesses

  • Provided onsite services

  • Developed and designed MSP Backup system

  • Travel to customer location to install infrastructures

  • Work with Troon Golf Courses to setup and design networks


Arizona Grand Resort & Spa | General IT Manager | September 2012 - November 2013

  • Managed 4 technicians on a daily basis

  • Managed the setup, design and maintenance of Arizona Grand Resort, Laguna Beach Resort, and LaPlaya Carmel Resort

  • Managed day to day network activities and installation of Conference room equipment

  • Travel to Remote ResortsManage Helpdesk Support SystemMaintain 42 acre campus with Wireless networkMaintain network security for physical security for all Hotel roomsMaintain Security cameras

  • Document all network designs

  • Migrate physical servers to Virtual servers using Hyper-V


Nothing But Net | Server Administrator | June 2012-September 2012

  • Worked as a Server Build Tech | Night Shift

  • Maintained and Fixed after hours network, servers, and PC issues.

  • Maintained DataCenter security clearance


Wydebeam Broadband | Director of Technology / Operations Director | October 2011-June 2012

  • Directed the build and design of Wireless Internet Service to 3000+ rural customers

  • Maintained networking equipment exceeding $1 million in cost

  • Served as the Operations Director and managed 3 techs and 1 office personnel

  • Trained Field Technicians

  • Managed all Network diagrams

  • Maintained On Site Servers


Radiant Church | Information Technology Specialist | September 2009-October 2011

  • Worked as an entry level IT Specialist

  • Engaged in day to day network, cable, server, PC, Check in, and digital design equipment

  • Provided support for weekend programs and ministries

  • Engaged with Ministry Directors to provide technology support and future technology design

  • Volunteered on the weekends in Youth and Children's Ministry

  • Youth Camp Leader

  • Internship for Youth Pastor completed 2011


U.S. Army | 69th Signal Company | Cable System Team Chief | December 2006-September 2009

  • Tour of duty to Kuwait for Kuwait/Iraq border fiber installation - December 2007-April 2008

  • Worked as the companies Security+, Security network Lead

  • Lead training of Cable and Fiber optics to new service members

  • Served as the battalion Post Office Worker

U.S. Army | 57th Signal Company | S1 Operations Sergeant | July 2006-December 2006

  • Worked as the S1 Operations Sergeant for the newly designed 57th Signal Company

  • Handled all employee request for change in paperwork

U.S. Army | 98th Command | Regional B.O.S.S President | May 2006-December 2006

  • Setup, Schedule and Run all Better Opportunities for Single Soldier events

  • Work with Company and Battalion B.O.S.S. Representatives to design events that service members would like to participate in

  • Work with U.S. Army B.O.S.S. President to build better relationships across the country

  • Participate in Division wide events to help create change in policies for Single Soldiers

U.S. Army | 57th Signal Company | Company Training NCO | April 2006-July 2006

  • Was the Training NCOIC from April 2005-December 2006

  • Setup Training material, conducting training exercise walkthroughs and helped build the training structure for new satellite MOS

  • Scheduled service members training courses

  • Worked as the Training Room NCOIC

  • Maintained all training documentation and SOP

U.S. Army | 121st Signal Battalion | Company Operations NCO | May 2003-April 2006

  • Tour of duty to Iraq during OIF II - Feb 2004-March 2005

  • Helped maintain the largest network ever designed at the time by the US Army

  • Maintained TS clearance to collect data for Top Officers of the company

  • Served as the company operations NCO

  • Maintained Daily service member attendance

  • Served as the company commander driver

U.S. Army | Fort Gordon | Cable Installer/Maintainer Training | March 2003-May 2003

  • Learned basic knowledge of how to create and maintain CAT5 network cable

  • Create, Splice Fiber optic cables

  • Train on climbing telephone and power lines to install low voltage cable

  • Setup and use Military Grade telecommunications systems

  • Learn the difference between Secure and Non Secure Telecommunications.

U.S. Army | 2nd Bn, 12th Cav Regiment | Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic | February 2001-March 2003

  • Worked as a light wheel mechanic

  • In charge of Weekly Preventive Maintenance on all Battalion Vehicles

  • Worked with Level 3 Support to transition vehicles

U.S. Army | Ft. Leonardwood | Solider in Training | August 2000-February 2001

  • Learned basic soldier skills

  • Learned how to shoot an M16A2 Rifle

  • Learned basic medical skills

  • Learned Drill and Ceremony

  • Daily Physical Activity


McDonalds | Floor Manager | July 1998-August 2000

  • Manage Night shift team

  • Train new Night shift team members

  • Manage Nightly Cost

  • Manage Weekly inventory



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