Brian Gibbs


My Name is Brian Gibbs. I have been in the Information Technology Professional for over 20 years. My first 10 years was with the United States Army where I served in the Signal Corp and learn cabling, computing and network security. After leaving the Army I started my first job as an IT Specialist with my local church and learned the ends and out of networking, server maintenance and VOIP systems. But I didn’t just learn trades of my job, but I also learned the needs of those were more than my own. That I was not only apart of something bigger, I was what kept the bigger moving forward. Since then I have worked in many aspects of IT. From managing a large hotel/resort network with multiple locations, to helping a start up go from a ware house with 50 employees to a 150,000 sq. ft. building with over 550 employees.

As a Veteran I believe my success is due to the skills and values that the military taught me. I also believe my success and drive are embedded in me to but the needs of other above my own. I am excited to watch other learn and ask questions. I love to teach and train others to know the knowledge I have. I love where technology is going, but understand the need to mitigate the security of where technology is going. The Cyber Security aspect of networking and day to day computer usage is on the rise and has to become the forefront of any business in todays world.

I am always open to networking and helping others when in need, whether it be from knowledge or building and design. Please reach out to me on my LinkedIn if you are in the need of network, security, network monitoring or anything to do with day to day IT.

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