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So I have been reading a lot about the stock markets going up, the cost of living dropping and gas pricing lower than ever. I am so excited for this. It will be nice to not have to pay a fortune for food that doesn’t cost as much as I pay to make. What is even more of a blessing is the communities and families that will be getting relieve from these high prices.

But what I am tired of seeing is all the stuff posted on the internet that is praising President Obama for these changes. Praise Obama for lowering the gas prices, praise Obama for the highest stock markets, praise Obama for affordable healthcare, praise Obama for 5% unemployment.

What a load of crap if I can so so myself. Don’t praise Obama for any of that. First low gas prices are due to the fact that Russia invaded Ukraine which our government placed sanctions on Russia which forced the hand of the government to produce more oil here in the states which in turn allowed us to export more oil which drops our prices. Don’t ever praise Obama for the affordable care act. $757 dollars a month for a family of 5 is not affordable, only being able to see a doctor twice a year is not affordable. The only thing that the affordable care at has done is show the American people that if your healthy then we will take care of you, if your sick your gonna pay. Also, don’t praise Obama for the lower unemployment….the numbers are false and they are accounting for the illegals in this country that are taking away jobs from Americans. And last but not least, do not praise Obama for the higher stock markets. The President has nothing to do with the stock markets. If the rest of the world was smart they would place sanctions against us until we remove our president from power. The sad thing is that Obama has done worst things than past presidents that were impeached. Many ask, “why hasn’t he been removed?” The sad thing is the smartest thing to do is keep him there. No one wants Biden to be President!

When I think about all of the things are country is going through I think back to what our country has gone through to get where we are. Six major wars that have shaped our country. Two that we are still fighting, and so many aided countries that we are providing for and this is where we are as a country. What has happened to us since 9/11? We have decided to turn a blind eye to what is happening across the country. This is our country, it belongs to the American people, not the American government. That’s why it says, “We the people” not “We the government.”

When Americans realize that this is our country then we will get it back. Sadly though Americans only care about what is in their world and what only affects them. Its that old thought of, “If it doesn’t affect me I shouldn’t worry about it.” We have to stop this train of thought and become Americans again. Stand for our rights as human beings and Americans and fight for what is right. Build this country back to what it once was and take care of Americans before we start taking care of everyone else in the world. We have lost our way, but we aren’t that far gone yet.

I want my America Back!!

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