So I just posted this, I think that we should Rally at the school that President Obama is visiting on the CVA site and now we are. Read below!!

Concerned Veterans and Americans,

Happy New Year!  And the New Year brings an unexpected visitor to Phoenix on Thursday:  President Barack Obama.

If you have not heard, President Obama will give a speech on housing at Central High School on Thursday morning.  If you do not know, Central High School is on the same block as the VA Hospital and Steele Indian School Park.

It is an outrage and an insult to Arizona’s veterans that the President of the United States will be less than 18 holes away from the Phoenix VA and not visit the patients there following his Administration’s VA Scandal.

In honor of his visit, CVA is organizing a rally and protest.  That will either begin or end at the SE corner of the VA (7th Street and Indian School).  The time will likely either be 0830 hours or 1030 hours depending upon interest, availability, and some operational details.

If you want to hold President Obama ACCOUNTABLE for his Administration’s VA Scandal, then RSVP to join us on Thursday:

Question, contact me or Matt Kenney (

Mike Mitchell

Concerned Veterans for America


Published by Brian J. Gibbs

I am a 9 year US ARMY Combat Disabled Veteran who loves this country and works hard to keep this country as great as I have seen it. I served this country to better myself and be apart of something greater than me. I have a greater purpose and it is to serve others and help those that other wise can't.

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