So I have to talk about it

So on Thursday our mighty emperor will be visiting the great city of Phoenix. He will be here to address Central High School. The talk of the town is why he won’t visit the Phoenix VA. Since the VA is only a mile from the school. Currently it is not on his agenda and the media outlets our beginning to blast him for it. I saw this morning that several media outlets are calling him “pontus” or “king.” I guess he’d rather be golfing then take time to visit the Phoenix VA. Though many say they would like for him to visit I on the other hand say stay away. Everything this president touches gets ruined and he still hasn’t recovered from the black eye the VA has left on him. I as a Veteran don’t want nothing to do with him and would ask for him to stay out of Veteran and American business, only Americans have that right.

The president won’t address the VA or visit because he knows his administration has failed a large part of the American community. No Veteran out there is happy with the way they have been treated by this administration and the VA. As I have said before, instead of feeling like outcasts in public like those that came home from Vietnam, we are laid to waste away in the VA and made outcasts from within the system. We as soldiers did our duty and did it well, why can’t this administration do its duty and do it well?

Oh, that’s right, only those that have sacrificed would understand duty, country and the way of life. I still think that the constitution should be amended to say that you must serve in the military a minimum of 3 years to become president. How can a civilian with no experience serve this country if they themselves haven’t served this country. If you look back on history many of the greatest presidents of our time served or bared the burden of war. To completely understand Veterans you have to be one. You have to undergo what Veterans go through. Some are lucky to have served and never been affected by war and incur injuries. But there are so many that have been affected.

Will the VA ever change? The sad truth is this has been going on for years. The VA is broken and I can only hope that it is fixed or gets better in my life time. We have a long road ahead of us. We need a president that comes to action on our Veterans, we need a congress that is willing to put the time in and make the difficult changes and instead of working 9 to 5, spend that extra time to make a difference, we need to remove those that are at fault and put those in place that are willing to work hard to make a difference, we need to show Veterans that they are important and that they aren’t just something America uses to get through a war and toss to the side like ammo.

I challenge Obama to come to the PHX VA. If anything some will be happy you stopped by, most will turn a cheek and look the other way. President Obama, you are a coward and will not show your face here in the PHX VA. You know that the media spotlight on this VA again will raise questions again and since you have made it very clear that you don’t care about Veterans I suggest you stay away, but again, a coward that hides behind his administration and doesn’t act like a commander in chief. You promised to bring change, but what you you brought was a dictatorship that we won’t tolerate in this country.

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