Moving Forward

Since November when I started this blog I never imagined what would happen. In the beginning it was to just put words to my thoughts and what I was experiencing. I thought of a Journal, but what impact would that have on anyone or on me. Since November many things have happened. I finally saw a primary care provider, which hasn’t been anything but a check mark for the VA. I have began working with an amazing organization, Concerned Veterans for America, which I have completed a Video testimony and I am now a Strike Team member. Arizona Congress has started moving forward with my Disability case and issues with the VA. Yesterday I received a call from my primary care provider that she finally, after 6 months, has received my letter from Congress and is reviewing my files to determine further care. I have made a lot of friends in the Veterans world and have heard a lot of concerns for Veterans.

Its not over yet. We still have a hill to climb to get to where we would like to be with the VA. It will take many years to accomplish our goals, but as long as we have Veterans in our corner and we come together as a united front I am sure the hopes and dreams of those fighting for Veterans rights will prevail. Nothing worth fighting for is easy, I truly believe that. If it was easy why would we care. Too many Veterans are dying because of our Administrations lack of compassion and understanding. Too many Veterans are dying from wounds and unseen wounds with no end in sight. The only way this stops is if our country comes together and makes it right.

I am reminded of 9/11….yes if you forgot… still happened. That day we came together as a country and was there for each other. Thousands of young men and women started volunteering for the military services. Thousands committed their lives to this country to rid the world of terrorist. Now we are being attacked again by this Administration which is killing those same Americans that went to fight for our freedom and our way of life. Why aren’t we coming together as a country to protect those that fought to protect Americans.

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