The Call

Is it me or is our tactics in this country completely taken a turn for the worst?

As I sit and watch videos after videos of ISIS and our tactic to sit back and do nothing, it sickens me to think that our American government wont act in a way that changes the playing field for these terrorist. Parts of me just want to call up the Army, push through my disability, and get over there and clear these terrorist off the map.

As we sit on our hands and wait for them to get warm, ISIS is taking over and gaining control over vital cities and territories that in the end will make gaining control over later down the road harder to accomplish. But as I think about rejoining the military I am battled with the idea that I would join to just sit and wait to actually do anything.

My prediction of this war is we will wait for another 2 years before we do anything significant to face this terrorist. The next president will be in office and will have to deal with this on the first day. Obama doesn’t have the knowledge or courage to actually do anything that is right in this world. His legacy will be the global take over with ISIS and the shadow of a terrorist world that is growing larger in numbers and will be a formidable enemy that will cost more American lives and will disrupt the fabric of the American society that we hold so dear. We must strike now, we must be smart, and use tactics that are unknown by our enemy and by our own Army. We must change the way we do business so that we become as formidable as they are.

If history shows us anything, changing tactics and thinking outside the box has always been the reason our Armed Forces have been the greatest Military on Earth. Our ability to think on our feet and change orders when needed have helped us greatly. If you look back in history, one of the main reasons we were able to fight the British was changing our known tactics and use ground warfare to defeat our enemy. We stopped standing in ranks and firing and we began hiding in trees and becoming one with the land to protect ourselves, we wore clothes that weren’t visible. These are the ideas we need to go back to. This is the changes we need to make to defeat this enemy.

Sorry for my rant. I am just tired of watching people die for no reason, while a country as great as ours sits back watching it happen. I don’t care who they are killing and what they have done and what their religion is, it is what a country like ours is supposed to do, protect those that can’t protect themselves. With great power, comes great responsibility, I know its a spider man phrase, but it has more meaning now as it did back with spider man was first published. We as a nation and a country with so much power have a responsibility to this world. If we don’t rise to that responsibility than we will fall as all other countries and nations have in the past that have used their power for good of their own and not of the world. As its is always said, what goes up must come down. It is up to us as Americans when we will fall and I am afraid that it will soon happen as we continue this spiral of corruption.

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