Veterans and our rights

Rant warning:

I am tired of hearing about “illegal citizens” rights in this country and how the American people and government are impeding on their rights. There have been more reforms and more given to these citizens then to our own Veterans who are actual citizens of the US and have actually contributed to this country.

Again, I will say this as I have said a million times. If you are not an American Citizen by birth or by this government giving you citizenship then you have no rights under the Constitution. In fact you are trespassing on government property and should be shot on site. I am sure if I was to illegally make my way onto a government facilities property I would be shot and I am an American.

I continue to hear more about the rights of illegal citizens then hearing about the rights of Veterans. More is being done in the White House to protect Illegal Citizens while American Veterans are dying due to wait times and the no accountability of the VA system. More money and focus should be placed on helping our Veterans get the care they deserve then towards illegal citizens that illegally crossed government property and now live illegally in this country protected by a law that Obama is trying to pass. Why don’t we put that same amount of energy into protecting our Veterans and writing in laws that hold doctors and employees accountable for deaths of our Veterans.

Some days when I wake up and read of these things I feel like I am in a parallel world and have to remember that I am actually in America and not some socialist country. Everyday that passes more and more Veterans are dying because of wait times and doctors at the VA, but more and more illegal citizens are allowed into this country illegally. And now they can actually carry a drivers license which is a form of identification that has been used in the country for years to show you are Citizen. Now that form and that freedom that I and many other Veterans have fought for is given to illegals that need to drive to work. There are many Americans that can’t afford a car, let alone can afford to gain a drivers license and now we are giving this freedom to drive in the United States to illegal immigrants.

I am sorry that you were born into the world you were, but many of us have to live the life we were given. I grew up very poor without many of the amenities that many of these illegal citizens have today and I worked hard in my country to get to the point where I am. And I am sure that if I was born in your country I would have worked hard to get to the top without running from my country.

I say, “Veterans Rights, before Illegals Rights.” That’s what we should be focusing on.

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