When Obama first hit the road campaigning for President I remember the phrase that was used a lot. Change!! This was great to hear as this country was in the need of change from the Bush Administration. Nothing against Bush, but change was needed. So using this word was perfect to get the votes of many and Obama’s adds were enticing also. He used so many different platforms to pull in the votes that America just was overwhelmed with his ability to know what the American people were looking for. It also was noticeable that the color of his skin played a large part in votes because he would be the first Black President.

As a Solider in the Army, my vote went to no one. I honestly had no time to even try to learn who the people running were. When he became president that phrase just continued to spread, Change!….The American people wanted a change, but honestly, did the American people know what needed to change or was it so important to change something because we just knew the system was broke.

As President Obama enters into his last year of Presidency, many people are looking back and trying to see all of his accomplishments as a president. There are many that his supporters credit him with and many of those should be credited to the Americans that fought for it and made it real. Also several of them he is credited for, we are being pushed back into. Lets say, he ended to wars, that we are still in and one created the terrorist group ISIS. I am not saying that president Obama has been a bad president, he has done many amazing things. The issue is those many amazing things have no weight to the damage he has done to the American people. The issues with Veterans and losing trust from the backbone of your country. Growing a larger network of terrorist in Iraq, but leaving early when you were told by top executives and military personal to not leave so soon, but you without military experience knows best.

Change! Its a huge promise and I don’t think any president we have moving forward can ever promise real change. No matter how bad they want it, real change will never happen. The changes that the American people seek should be changed by the American people. The mindset that the American people have become accustomed too is the issue. The real change needs to be made within the heart of the American people. I blame the American people for many of the presidents failures, because as Americans we need to be accountable for the person we elect, we need to call them out and follow through with it. The president is an elected official and when they grow more powerful than the American People then we truly have done something wrong. If we elect them, we have the power to remove them, but the mindset of Americans is gone. We no long think about America as we used too. Are we even proud to call this place America anymore? It doesn’t seem that way anymore. We are losing those values with our children in our schools and parents aren’t teaching kids about being a true American.

A true American stands for this country no matter what. Whether the order is right or wrong. A true American stands for the values that this country was founded and will not faultier from those values no matter the cost. A true American doesn’t allow the government take control of their private live, A true American stands for the Constitution and the laws appointment above them. We are no longer living like this anymore.

We are a country divided, not United!

That is what we need to change!!!

Published by Brian J. Gibbs

I am a 9 year US ARMY Combat Disabled Veteran who loves this country and works hard to keep this country as great as I have seen it. I served this country to better myself and be apart of something greater than me. I have a greater purpose and it is to serve others and help those that other wise can't.

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