Officially upset

So I have been waiting for my consult with the Vascular Surgeon and today I received a call from my Primary Care Doctor. The sent the consult to Vascular Surgery and the sent back a notice to my PCP. The notice said that the following patient needs to wear compression stocking and that there is no need to see their office as there is no diagnosis of Post Phlebitis and that if I am experiencing these issues to wear compression stocking. Well here’s the problem with that. Post Phlebitis Syndrome is the condition I current receive disability for through the VA. A condition that I have been dealing with for going on 12 years now. One that I have dealt with the compression stockings and I have done everything they have asked with no resolve. How can they say there is no evidence of this condition when I was medically discharged because of this condition. Is this just another way for the VA to stiff me out of a consult. I told the PCP that they need to put in their notes that this has been an ongoing issues since 2004 with no treatment except for medication. They also need to put in the consult that not only did my PCP recommend the consult, but my Internal Medicine Doctor sent in the consult. Do these people think I am stupid and that I am just going to walk away.

This is how people die in the VA. Communication and importance of condition. How is it that they are paying me for my condition, but refuse to follow through with a consult because their is no proof of the condition. Am I doing something wrong here. Were my words not clear that I want to see a specialty Doctor. Again this is how people die at the VA. No correct treatment and blowing off people. If you can’t tell I am very mad right now. Something I have been waiting for for so long for a specialty doctor to see me and bam, now they refuse. Unacceptable and unbelievable.

Well, off to call patient advocate, Senator McCain’s office and any new outlet that will listen. Wish me luck…

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