My life moving forward

Last week was a long week and ended in some ways good and bad. On Friday I started my day at 530 am at the PHX VA. First was my MRI. I had to fight with my PCP on the phone to get this done since I have been told that I have Spinal Stenosis and wanted them to rule it out. So into the MRI Machine I went. This was completed around 6 and then I went to Physical Therapy at 8 am. My physical therapy is for my right knee and they have been pushing me to points that I haven’t bee in awhile so this session was a good one, but left me even more tired. Then off to work until 12. At 1 pm I had my EMG. During this appointment they tested for nerve damage in my left leg and they found some. Also found that my left leg is very weak. I wonder why considering I haven’t felt anything in my left leg for years now. The doc also went over my MRI and verified that I have Spinal Stenosis. I have all three conditions which is bad. But the good news is I now know why my leg has been numb for years and why I have so much back pain.

Wednesday I will know more about what treatments are in my future. I was told that surgery is a possible solution, but its a 50/50 surgery. 50 percent chance of coming out and being able to walk and run again or 50 percent chance that I could be paralyzed for life. This choice will most likely be the hardest choice I will most likely ever have to make. Projected, because of the Army’s and VA’s lack of importance to this issue I am looking at 5 years and I will need a permanent cane or walker to get around.  7 to 10 years and I will be in a wheelchair. So I will be in a wheelchair by the time I am 44. This stuff isn’t supposed to happen until I am in my 60’s but because of the lack of importance of the Army and VA I am 33 dealing with this crap now. It upsets me more that I have been yelling about this for years and no one would listen and now because of their lack of compassion I am going to pay the price.

I am grateful that the multitude of force I have placed on the VA has prevailed, but is it too late? Maybe for me, but I will continue to drive forward so that no one Veteran goes through what I am and will be going through.

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