Boots on the Groud

We have heard it in the news many times lately that President Obama will not put boots on the ground. I have talked with many and so many say this shouldn’t happen and that we should get out of Iraq and the middle east completely and let them deal with the consequences. I’m had discussions with many that say we should just bomb them all and kill ISIS.

Once you start this talk it all falls on the blame of past presidents – the going blame is the Bush’s. That ISIS was created because Bush Sr had his issues with Saddam and Bush Jr had his issues and decided to enact a war that would kill 4500 of our soldiers in Iraq.

I will be the first to say that I served my country honorably in Iraq, no matter the circumstances that surrounded the choices to go there. To call the war pointless and unnecessary is spitting in the face of those that lost soldiers there fighting for something they believed in. I can also tell you that I believed we were there to do good. To help those that were being repressed and to rid the country of those that would rather do harm onto others. We didn’t assassinate Saddam, we captured him and allow his people to rule against him and his crimes. What we did was rid the world of a dictator that was killing innocent people.

Now I don’t blame no president for what is happening now in Iraq and the middle East. But pulling out of Iraq the way we did and leaving before the government was ready to run the country without falling was a bad policy and a promise that was kept by this Administration. I believe that if we would have stayed and steered the government in the true way of democracy (Not that its apparent in our own country), but the original reason for Democracy, we would have given them a fighting chance.

The reason we are having so many issues there now with Iraqi’s fleeing is because, what do these people have to gain from fighting and dying. They have no country as ISIS has taken it over. Their government truly doesn’t care and the world from what I see, doesn’t care either. So why would they fight….is this starting to sound familiar….if it isn’t read more…..As a country you have to have a reason to fight and become something greater than you were. As American’s we fought for our freedom and for our reason to live. We wanted a better life and we were going to do whatever it took to build a great nation. So again, why would the Iraqi people fight for something they know in the end they will not have.

Yes….the American Government created ISIS and that’s why we need to rid the world of this virus. Leaving again and just letting it happen isn’t something we should do as a nation. Yes, America has our own problem, but American’s aren’t doing anything about them. Stop being so disconnected with the world and reconnect with the issues at hand. If we allow ISIS to grow, it will become another WWII. We sat back and waiting to invade Germany, as Hitler took over countries and began his campaign to take over Europe he grew so large that we weren’t able to defeat him quickly. We will face the same fate if we allow ISIS to grow to were we can’t handle their power. If we don’t stop them now, what makes you think we can later. There ideologies are worse than Hitlers. They don’t care about power or possessions. They only care about making everyone ISLAM or die. Its worse when your enemies outlook on the world is based on one idea. Hitler wanted to conquer the world and rid the world of all Jews…ISIS wants to kill everyone that isn’t ISLAMIC.

As always these are my opinions, ideas that runt through my head. They are not to attack any specific group or discredit anyone. But if we don’t wake up, our idea of America and our freedoms will be gone and the live we have now or use to have will be gone forever. Whether that is defeating ISIS or just letting the issue defuse itself – we are America and as bad as many think we should keep our nose out of other peoples business – we can’t sit by and allow innocent people to be persecuted when we have the ability to defend them. Would you sit idly by and watch a woman be abused or raped? If you had the ability you would stop the act.

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