VA – Me – and an update

I haven’t wrote much of anything on the VA in awhile and the main reason for that is that the VA hasn’t done anything for awhile until Monday of last week. Back in March I had a 30 second appointment with a back doctor that felt more like a fast food service instead of an appointment. Since no one in the is world will do surgery on me they are resorting to shots. Now this doc said he was going to put in a consult, so I took it one step forward and sent a secure message to my PCP to speed up the processes. Well it didn’t go as planned.

After countless emails, calls, secure messages, I finally received a phone call on Monday morning about scheduling an appointment for my back. This was a two month wait to get an appointment. Its not like the VA gave me an appointment that i was waiting two months out…they just ignored me until they decided to get me an appointment. So I guess this is there new way of keeping people off of the waiting list. They just don’t schedule you anything. And then when they call, your appointment is available only weeks out. But not only did I get my appointment, I received 2 more calls throughout the day about setting up this appointment. Each one said they would note that I already had an appointment, but I guess that line of communication is not working now at the VA.

I now have an upcoming appointment on the 6th of July. I have don’t a lot of research on the procedure that I am having. The first time the majority of patients say they feel 20 years younger and it last’s about a month, then you must continue to the procedure to keep the pain at bay, but the procedure wears off quickly with each shot. I would love to just be pain free. I haven’t felt that since February of 2004. So it will be interesting to see what that feeling is like once again. As I have made in many statements, that I, at this point, would rather them just take my leg for the fact that it is useless about 90% of my day. I hope this procedure does some long awaited justice to my pain I have endured for so long.

I’ll have a follow up on that after this week and keep you updated to my progress.

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