VA Fail!

So I got to experience my own VA Fail today. I couldn’t remember if I had an appointment this week so I went online and checked. Looked like I had an appointment at 1pm today, but it was at a different clinic, benefit of the doubt, thinking they were over booked and sent me to another clinic. Well I get there and start filling out paperwork. Then 1pm comes around and one of the nurses comes out and starts talking to the intake nurse. I actually heard her say that the intake nurse made a mistake and that Brian Gibbs isn’t here. I raised my hand and said ms., I’m right here. Then another Veteran stands and says he is Brian Gibbs. Well wouldn’t you know….. there are two registered Brian Gibbs in Phoenix. We have the same first name, Last name and last 4. The only difference in our social is the middle two numbers. So they booked the appointment under me instead of him.

This makes me wonder how many other failures there have been that I have been apart of. Just yesterday my VSO stated that the VA shows no records of me having any back issues, but if that were true, why has the VA sent me to two Back Specialist and I have a physical therapy appointment for my back on the 26th of this month. Because this fail happened today I wonder if that is the reason I have had so many issues because they have put the wrong information under the wrong case file. Now I can’t completely blame the VA. It is very hard to notice that the social security numbers are slightly different, the middle name is different, oh and we aren’t even the same age or skin color. I guess I could just blame my parents for not having an original name or the Social Security system for providing me a social security number so close to someone with the same name. Nope I’m going to blame the VA for not taking the time to process the information correctly. But this is just one instance that I know of so time to dig deeper to make sure my records are with the right person.

How epic to meet the other Brian Gibbs!!!

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