VA Fails Again


At first when I saw this on Facebook I began to laugh and then I realized that this must be an error on the Veterans Administrations part. But the real issue here isn’t the question, its the fact that its on a questionnaire that Veterans take within the VA medical system. Its shows you another fail on the VA’s part. Not double checking and triple checking their work to make sure that the correct information is being given to the Veterans is a fail on their part and is unacceptable. Now I know that sometimes I miss a word here and there and I might misspell a word on my blog, but this is a blog, its not a questionnaire that someone at the VA will need or have to take to get the health care they deserve. This question tells me, if I say yes, then I am dead and the questionnaire doesn’t matter. If I say no, who’s to say that the VA will take my issue seriously.

For a Federally Funded Organization the VA needs to do better, they need to step up their game and provide better care. They need to provide on time care and they need to get on board with providing quality care for the hero’s of this country.

Lets try and be the solution and not the problem. Veterans need to stand together and help the VA be better. As weird as that sounds, they can’t do it without us. If we want better care, we must stand together to defend what we fought for and what we served for. We deserve the right to have the best health care delivered by the VA and we won’t get that being divided. We will get that by standing together as one nation of Veterans and one voice of Veterans.

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