Ending this Year

Its been awhile since I posted anything about the VA and anything about whats been going on in the news. The main reason is that in my own life things have been working in a way that have been changing. The issues with the VA still persist, though I have seen many of my close Veteran friends come out on the positive end at the VA. One of those close friends was able to come out with 100% disability without ever really using the VA because he uses TriCare because he is retired. And to tell you that that type of information is a life changer is an understatement. I enjoy hearing those stories, because it means that we are making changes, small as they are, some Veterans get a great experience from the VA and many receive the worst.

My medical issues still persist, I have finished many rounds of Physical Therapy, really for the VA to check a box that I did it, but I feel better, but that’s just my back that they say is not service connected. I have a future appointment with an outside the VA provider to dig deep into my Post Thrombotic Syndrome, courtesy of my good friend Steve Cooper. He is such an inspiration to all us Vets. I still have an appeal waiting through the VA on that condition and don’t foresee and answer anytime soon.

Future events are a must – I am working with my local church to help collect toys for children for this Christmas that we will be delivering to the West Valley on the 19th which is an amazing event. The Church I attend is very involved in the community which is just what all churches should be doing. So I think I found my new home church.

There are so many other things in my personal life that I’m not ready to share as of yet, its one of those things that I don’t want to stir the pot to much.

News ~ I know that many are watching this presidential debate very closely and I have to honestly tell you, I was at first, but the more and more I watch the more I continued to believe that its all a stunt. The presidential run is all about money, power, and media. It will never be about anything more than that. You have the power hungry candidate, Donald Trump, who, even though he isn’t take money from the media, is still using money to win the election. No matter how you spin it, having to use millions of dollars to run for president is pathetic in my opinion. Instead of doing that, spend the money on the homeless and help those less fortunate, that you know you won’t help once you win the presidency. You have Jeb Bush that really only has his last name to stand on. Marco Rubio who I’ve been watching because I relate to him, but in the end he’s the same as everyone else. Big dreams, until they are president. Ted Cruz is one that really makes you think, could he really turn America around?

You may think I’m just bitter, but as with History, no matter what is promised by a President prepare to be disappointed. Every president uses promises to get in and promises to stay in. I don’t need promises, I need action. I believe that for many reasons, candidates promise so much because they aren’t fully aware of the truth until they become president and that’s why there promises disappear. But we will see. The next president that takes the throne will really have to step up their game to keep this country together.

And to leave you with a thought. God is the gift to all. I know that during this time of season religion starts to come out more because of Christmas. Please understand that God isn’t just the reason for the season, He is the reason for every season. He isn’t just here for Christmas, He is there with you for every walk of your life. God is slowly falling away from our country and we need every believer to truly stand up for Jesus. We must not falter. We must not allow the non believers to interfere with our love of Christ. For too long the Love and excitement of Christ has become repressed in our society. It seems over the last few years that more and more Christians and believers have become complacent with the mission of being a Christian. We are to be a light unto the world of darkness and our world is becoming more and more dark. We are slowly loosing our foothold of this world by turning an ear to profanity and sin with the fear of upsetting someone. We have become complacent of accepting non believers behaviors instead of spreading the gospel….we have gone away from Church and the true meaning of being a follower of Christ. We aren’t excited anymore to have such an Amazing God. Only because of fear, we are all become more and more like Peter. Peter denied Jesus three times as Jesus was being crucified. His fear overcame his belief and Jesus already knew this. We must not let fear overcome our belief, we must deny our belief and we must stand together to stop this world from destroying our belief.

Ok enough religious stuff. I do hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays. Remember those deployed during this time of the year and those that will not be with immediate families, but will be spending it with the closeness of brothers and sisters at arms. Our military defends us when we sleep, when we celebrate and when we forget them. They still serve. Please watch after each other during this holiday season. God bless everyone and again, Merry Christmas

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