Sleep Perception

Its so over rated. Who needs it right. It seems the faster our society starts moving the less sleep we get and the less we can live without. I remember the transformation of how I saw sleep when I joined the Army. Before, I could lay in a field of grass with my eyes closed and just enjoy the sounds and the smells. I could close my eyes for just a few seconds to take in a moment, but once I joined the Army, that one second that I would close my eyes, I was sleeping. If I closed my eyes to take in a moment, I was being yelled out to wake up. The perception of eyes closed means sleep.

Just think of that for a moment. If you used that logic, every person in church when the Pastor begins to pray is sleeping and I would say, that some are. It brings me to a more complex situation. Perception is everything. I used to hear that a lot in the Army. If someone perceives you of doing something you did it. This is wear I learned the command walk, where you walk everywhere with a purpose so that if someone saw you, they would say, that soldier is always on the move.

Our your perceptions of yourself a reflection on God? The way you speak, the way you eat, the way you walk, the way you drive, the way you carry yourself. It not easy being a believer. But its the best feeling in the world. You have to be cautious of how you present yourself to the public. Its really not that hard, just follow the teachings of the Lord and you’ve already got it down. But there are those that are socially awkward. And from time to time, have to be reminded that its not just a perception of those around you, but the main one from the Man upstairs. He know the false you, the sneaking you, the I’m not at Church so I don’t have to be a Christian you. So why not just be you all the time. I say, if your gonna be fake, than be the best at being fake. In the end its Gods interpretation of who you really are. Your not going to have to answer to your friends, or our family, or that random guy on the street that your faking to impress. Just be you!

I tell my kids all the time, “Be the best you, that you can be, Only you can do you.” God already knows who your gonna be and how your gonna get there. Make a good perception to the world. Be a Jesus Freak, be on Fire so much that people say, calm down now….that just too much. Just tell them that they can’t handle it.

So back to sleep. How much do we need? Some say 8 hrs. Other say 6 hours. I say, as much as you need to do God’s work. Yeah its the cheap way out, but if you live on His time and not your own, then He will award you with enough time to achieve all that you need because He already knows what you need to get there. Working in the Ministry years ago, I learned to concepts, always work to find your replacement and never work yourself into a place where no one can do your job. The reason for these are fairly easy.

Always work to find your replacement because you shouldn’t have a permanent job in the ministry. You should continue to push forward and wonder into other ministries. Always take a break and find time to not do ministry. Like me, many dive into ministry and just get overwhelmed with doing it. At first its fun, but eventually you get burned out and instead of finding someone part time your replaced. Ministry should be done in moderation.

Perception is everything!! Always put your best foot forward and strive to project a Christ Like Image. Live for Christ, through work, sleep, school, driving, walking, running, and even just taking care of the kids. Christ is in everything we do!!

Be a light unto the world!!! Be a perception worthy of a notice!!!!

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