I know in the past few months I haven’t really focused much of my posts on Veterans issues or slamming the VA as I have. I truly feel there are small changes behind the scenes that are happening. The PHX VA is slowly making changes, just like finally hiring a full time Director. There are still issues and the more we bring those to light to better.
I know in the past year things have gone up and down in my career and life. Back in October of 2014 I was on fire with VA issues, I jumped on board with many organizations and was even offered and told I was going to be hired by one of these organizations. Fact is, there were others with ideas that didn’t fit with mine. I’m still advocating for Veterans, still fighting the cause. Over the past 7 months things have been going in a different direction for me. The questions on life, present and future have been a forward thought. Have I made some mistakes in the past few months. You bet I have and as a human being, if you expect anything different you should re-evaluate your own life.
I’ve brought more God back into my life, decided to take a different path and focus more on the positives in my life than the negatives. I’m thankful for the great people I have been blessed to have met in the past 2 years. One of those is Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America, an organization that I completely stand behind and continue to support at the best of my ability. He has taught me to continue to fight for my fellow Veterans, speak the truth when a lie is much easier. I have also friended alot of Veterans that I otherwise would have never met. One of those is Steve Cooper. I haven’t had the pleasure of actually meeting him in person, but he has been an inspiration to me. When I see junk coming at me in my personal life I use the strength he has shown to fight it off and realize that tomorrow isn’t promised so we should live for today. Don’t hold back and keep fighting for tomorrow.
I think the biggest reason I am writing this is that the next few months are hard for me. February of 2004 was when my issues started in Iraq so the issues I face today stem from then and I relive those issues, April is when the first battle that I knew in Iraq lost his life. The dreams of Iraq become more intense. I was never on the front lines like so many were, but the continued threats everyday when on convoys are a constant on my mind. Most days I wish I could go back to those days and wish I would have continued on the Convoys even when I found out about my condition. But dwelling on that is worthless. Living each day in remembrance of those that lost their lives is much easier.
I think the best things in my life has happened in the last month. Besides the day my boys were born the last month has been, not only the craziest, but the only month in along time that has made since and has really opened my eyes to God’s true power. There comes a time in your life when you fall into the place where God wants you. Yeah, I lost my job over a month ago, yeah bills are not getting paid, life seems to suck, but to know that what your doing is for God your on top. Its a true statement when believers say we are richer than anyone on earth because we have the Love of God. Plus when you listen to God he will truly bring you what you have been looking for. Sometime in this life you meet someone that is you, when you look at them you see you, when you talk, you don’t every want to stop, when they are gone, you miss them, but know more than ever that the feeling of missing them is more than the idea of them not being there, that its the idea of feeling like you’ve lost something and can’t find it. Finding someone that accepts you for you is the best feeling also. Even harder for Veterans and even harder for Veterans that have issues like PTSD and medical conditions that they have to accept coming in to the relationship.
To any Veteran that is reading this, please take care of you. No one else is going to do you better than yourself. Don’t take no for an answer at the VA. Life you life for you to carry on the memory of those that have fought and died for this country and our freedoms we seem to be losing. If your not active in a Veteran group you are wrong. If your not mentoring other Veterans and partaking in Veteran issues, your not a true Veteran. We are a family. Whether you were a Soldier, Seaman, Airmen or Marine, we are all family, we all understand the struggle and no one else will ever get what you are going through. Stand together with your fellow Veterans, even if you think that your health care is so great, even if you think that you can’t help. Find a group you can back and go to work. Your service to this country and to your fellow Veterans isn’t over. That DD214 wasn’t the end of your contract, its the next chapter of your life as a Veteran.
Veterans are the backbone of this country. Its not the politics that win wars, its not orders that win wars, its not local government that saves lives when natural disasters hit our country. The blood of patriots and soldiers have soiled this land and have allowed it to grow to the strength that it has been, but this Administration, this government that thinks it can survive without soldiers, continues to kill Veterans, continues to turn a blind eye to the issues plaguing Veterans. Alone, there are enough Veterans in the US to march on DC and make a difference. This Administration thinks what Veterans have done for this country can just be written off. The divorces, deaths, children without a father or a mother, the multiple deployments that make soldiers go crazy and increases there chances of PTSD and suicide. War is ugly, but its necessary to protect the things we love, Family, God, and Country.
We need to rise up against this Administration and say enough is enough. We need to rise up against these pathetic candidates that think they can lie to America and then actually think they can run this country. To those that think free is the best way to go. Nothing in life is free, someone has to pay for free. We need to get this country back to its roots. God needs to be at the forefront of this country and the reason again we are a country.

Published by Brian J. Gibbs

I am a 9 year US ARMY Combat Disabled Veteran who loves this country and works hard to keep this country as great as I have seen it. I served this country to better myself and be apart of something greater than me. I have a greater purpose and it is to serve others and help those that other wise can't.

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