They still care!!

The other night I had the great opportunity to go and speak about the organization I work for. A company was doing a team bonding event and they called and asked if someone would come and speak to the group about the organization and accept care packages for troops deployed. Being someone that had deployed I have received several care packages and while I stood there and watched this group pack these boxes with care and excitement it took me back to when I received my first care package. It was just weeks after I had arrived to Iraq. The box had a big sticker on it and said, “Angels for Heroes.” I guess somehow my name was put on a list and I was sent this package. When I opened the package there was a note inside and was amazing to read. I remember there being things in the box that I hadn’t had in awhile because before my deployment I was stationed in Germany.

I really remember feeling grateful and happy that America really cares about the troops. Over the years that care has fallen to the waste side in this country. Less and less American care that our troops are in harms way everyday, even when there isn’t a “war” going on, troops are watching over America everyday and put there lives on the line. It only seems to matter to the American people when it benefits them. We only seem to come together when tragedy strikes, we look at our military, then when the cost of protecting our country gets too high, the American people start complaining. But that night I saw a room full of Americans that cared about our troops. They were so careful that every box was packed the same and that every box had a note. It almost brought me to tears because I’m now on the other end and now see what it takes to make care packages happen.

I know there is nothing I can do to bring the country back together again. We have become so divided over the years and there really is no one to blame but ourselves. We have allowed the Government to dictate our freedoms, tell us what we need when its doesn’t benefit us and only benefits them and we continue to allow them to dictate what is best for our children when they aren’t in the home and don’t have to take care of them on a daily basis.

When did we allow ourselves to not be Americans? At some point America has come to a conclusion that if it doesn’t directly affect me its not important and I believe that is one of the key reasons America has fallen. Yes I said it, we have fallen. We aren’t the America I grew up loving and not the America I joined the Army to defend and protect. When I see the crazy stuff that is happening I always ask myself, “did my brothers die for this?” “is this why we fight?” I can tell you that it is not why we fight, why we serve, why we protect and why we take the other to always protect! We do it to preserve our freedoms that are outline in the constitution, we do it to keep our families safe at night, and we do it because we love our country. For God, Country and Family!!!

It took many years for me to realize why it takes certain people to become a soldier, marine, airmen, and sailor. Its not a job for everyone and the Marines have it right when they say the few, because its not for everyone. Its a big boot to fill no matter how or why you join because so many have done it before you.

I want to say thank you to the Americans that still believe that we need our troops, we need our veterans, and we need a country founded by beliefs and values. For those Americans that think we don’t need troops please excuse yourself from the freedoms you receive everyday and live a life without the freedoms you’ve become accustomed too. Many have come before you and have sacrificed to continue the vision for this country. Many have died on the battle field to protect their families and families they have never met. You may see a senseless war, I see a need to continue making this country safe for generations to come.

They still care! It was great to see that American’s still care and want to give to troops in harms way. Continue to show you care! Because we greatly appreciate it.

Published by Brian J. Gibbs

I am a 9 year US ARMY Combat Disabled Veteran who loves this country and works hard to keep this country as great as I have seen it. I served this country to better myself and be apart of something greater than me. I have a greater purpose and it is to serve others and help those that other wise can't.

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