A dying breed

You can’t help but stumble on a post this week about World War II. Facebook is covered with remembrance of of Normandy and the Greatest Generation ever. I believe that whole heartily. Never before was there a generation that gave so much for the freedom of the United States. And not just domestic freedom, but foreign freedom. Never has there been a generation of talented men and woman here and abroad that trained, fought and gave so much for the next generation. And looking back on those sacrifices I can only wonder was it worth it? Was it worth riding the world of evil to only run from it now.

As a Veteran that volunteered to not only serve my country, but was called to fight in its war I can only imagine what was going through the minds of those men as they left a country they knew to a shore that was unknown to so many. To fight in a war that had no true meaning to them. But to do it because America was asking to fight an evil that we didn’t want in our country. And now today we fight an evil that has made its way to our country, that has embedded itself within our government and is attacking our very existence. An evil that can only be won by turning back to the one thing that has made this country so great, God. Many will tell you that this country wasn’t found on christian beliefs. And that would be true, but what is really true is that this country was found on the principles of God.

Those that came before us that helped shape this country to be at its greatest would be sickened by where we are and where we seem to be going. I can tell you that those men that stormed that beach didn’t do it for safe places, taking prayer and God out of school, and they surely didn’t do it to allow the evil that is brewing in the world. I can tell you that the world I knew before I went to Iraq in 2004 is surly not the world I live in today. What happened to the country that came together after 9/11? What happened to the country that came together after Desert Storm or During World War II and World War I? It seems to me that this country only forms as one when a conflict happens that they feel would affect them directly. Korea and Vietnam are two of those wars that didn’t matter to most Americas at the time because it wasn’t something that would directly affect them. When will the American people pull their heads out of there asses and stand together no matter what. Stand behind each other, stand for what we believe in and form a union that we once had. I love this country and would stand at arms everyday to protect our freedoms. But in the end at what cost would it be if we won’t learn from our history.

The breed of Americans that built this country and kept evil at bay are slowly fading away. Many are leaving this world and will soon be forgotten and to many would rather be written out of history, because that’s what we do best in this country. One of those men is my grandfather. One that I never got to know, but grew up hearing stories about him. He is now laying in a hospital surrounded by his family and slowly leaving his last impressions on them. Men like him that gave their all for family and for his country are fading away and the knowledge they have are being lost. I wish I had the chance to get to know my grandfather. Not only because he is my grandfather, but because he holds to the keys of knowledge of my family, of the past, and has the wisdom that none of us know anymore.

As a parent I fear for my children each day, fear that they will grow up in a world that is more confused with itself than it ever has been. Confused on gender and confused on the direction this country should go. We are lost as a country and until we find our footing we will continue down this spiral out of control and we will continue to take every soul with us. I say we, because no matter what, we are one country under God. We as a country have the power to take back our rights as we have that power because it was given to us. The moment we realize that we are powerless the powerful will take everything from us. Those that understand that the most are those that continue down the road of welfare and powerless means of living. I pray that we get right with God and become again the country I once knew. One that treats its people with respect and kindness and treats its heroes better than refugees.

To the greatest generation, I salute you. I pray that your peace after this life is great and that you know there are still many of us here fighting the good fight to continue what you started. That there are still those that believe in the principles you showed in your bravery and dedication to your country. That your deaths, struggles, and continued sacrifices are not forgotten. Than you again for protecting my freedoms and giving me the way of life I have learned to love.

Published by Brian J. Gibbs

I am a 9 year US ARMY Combat Disabled Veteran who loves this country and works hard to keep this country as great as I have seen it. I served this country to better myself and be apart of something greater than me. I have a greater purpose and it is to serve others and help those that other wise can't.

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