My Take

I have had the opportunity to serve this great nation. When I served up until the time I left active duty I felt a lot of pride for this country. When I joined I came from a small town in West Virginia. The only other state that I had ever been to was Ohio so my back woods peripheral view was small. I only heard of other countries. Dreamed of someday of traveling and seeing what the rest of the world had to offer. When I joined I served along side different walks of life, different races and even served with someone that came to America from Egypt and if he served in the Military he would be able to bring his family to America. It was the first time my eyes were really opened to unity between different races, backgrounds and religious beliefs all in one spot. The men and women I served with in basic training became a family overnight and we were there for each other because we had one goal in mind, serve our country. We didn’t care if you were a female of male. We didn’t care if you were White, Black, Hispanic or any of other race. We didn’t care what your religion was, we just hoped that you had a purpose. We didn’t care because as a unit we were Americans.

That experience prepared me for the real world, because the small backwoods mind that I had could have never prepared me for living in Iraq and Germany. That experience brought unity to me and my fellow Soldiers. It made us family and has given me a bond with every Soldier I ever served with. I can contest that if any of them reached out to me today for help I would drop everything I doing to be there for them, because at the end of the day I know they would do the same.

With that being said. Why can’t Americans act this way towards other Americans? It seems that as a nation we should love each person that lives legally in this country like family. I might have a answer for you. We have become a country that has the backwoods mind frame again. If it doesn’t affect me directly why is is my problem. This stems from our family lives and how we are raising our children. This also has a lot to do with our economy and our way of life. More and more, parents are working longer hours, working more than one job to make ends meet. With that comes the disconnect at home. Children aren’t receiving the  the one on one time with there parents. This time is where the Children learn values, beliefs and ideas that children will keep with them forever. No, the beliefs that they are learning is that you have to work for nothing, that church on Sundays isn’t important, that the time they lost during the weekend needs to be recouped during the weeknights, sorry we can’t create memories because I have to work, we can’t be family because we don’t have the money. What has happened is that the next generation is growing up thinking that money is everything, because that’s what they saw their parents do. So when they can they just work, continue to work and disconnect themselves from reality and spend all their time working. Work has taken over our country because without it we can’t live. Inflation and debt in this country with low wages has destroyed the home and family life. We don’t just stop and realize what we have and how rich we really are in this country. Businesses have created this idea that you can’t take time off because you could lose your job. You can’t take care of your personal life because your professional life is more important.

I can contest. I have fallen for this. The difference with me is I grew up without and as soon as I had the opportunity I worked for those things I didn’t get to have. I didn’t have to bases to conserve and save. Spending became a habit and it took me a long time to realize that wasn’t the point of working. Work to spend, to work to pay isn’t what life is all about. My family was a split family. At times I learned a lot from my dad. Learned how to work on my own car, learned how to work hard for what I took home. I learned about self worth and that my time is worth more than I give myself credit for. I understand that more now then ever before. Once I left the military I took what I learned and hit the work force. I landed a good entry job and since 2009 I have climbed to many heights. I have worked as an entry level IT Specialist to a Director of IT and even Operations Director. As with each job my pay increased, but what I learned over the years was that my pay was increases and my time with my family was decreasing. I was spending 60-80 hours a week working for that money to give my family a good life, but I was watching my family grow without me. Missing out on big moments in my families life. Working holidays, working birthdays, I was losing what I wanted. A rare moment came this year when I was laid off at probably the best job I have had so far in my civilian career. I worked myself out of job that paid at its max. It was a blessing in disguise because they let me go and continued to pay me for a short while after and that allowed me to take time for myself and my boys. But I learned a valuable lesson. Money isn’t everything and without you may lose everything, but with it you lose yourself.

With this election coming up in November its is more important now than ever to elect someone that will get our country back on track and bring values back to the dinner table. I honestly can’t see that for either of the nominees. Both of the nominees doesn’t know what its like to start from nothing. Both nominees are at the higher end of the spectrum and to men and women like me they will never reach us. But as an American I won’t let that define my vote. I have to decide whats best for my country and not whats best for me. Another aspect of that this country has fallen into.

So for my take:

Hillary Clinton

Since her name hit the scene back in the 70’s she has made a mess of things. From water gate to the email gate she doesn’t have an honest bone in her body. Now before you go judging me for judging I am only stating facts. People are human and we all make mistakes, but when your mistakes make you a millionaire from lying, cheating, stealing and killing than I can judge just a little right? What strikes me the most is that people in this country still think she is the best option for our country. That tells me that there are people in this nation that truly have no values. Lets look it this way. If you vote for Hillary you are saying that its okay to lie. If you vote for Hillary you are saying that it’s okay to allow Americans to die for no reason. You are also saying its okay to falsify your testimony to the FBI and Congress about your illegal activities with Classified Documents. You are saying that its okay to purposely cheat in your own party to gain the votes and push someone else out. You are saying that lying about everything to gain popularity and the vote is okay, and that people make mistakes so we should over look their past. Okay, I can see overlooking lying at water gate, I can see stealing furniture from the White House when your husband was president. People make mistakes, people can change. Okay….so how long do you wait for them to change. Do you wait close to 40 years for them to change their actions and stop lying and cheating. 40 years to become a better person and do the right thing. If you vote for Hillary you are getting a liar. Someone that has lied directly to the American people, just as her husband did, put our country in harms way by having an illegal email server that she personally deleted classified emails from and wasn’t prosecuted for it. Your are electing someone that has no real values besides lying, cheating, stealing, all for herself and not for the good of this country. What you are doing by voting in Hillary is telling your children that all these values are okay. Your saying that the highest appointed person in our nation is allowed to be above the law, can lie, steal, and cheat and its okay. And again, that’s what is wrong with our country. We have lost our values as Americans and the next generation is picking up on that. Can you now see why our youth doesn’t respect police, respect their parents, doesn’t respect the law? Because as Americans we are possibly electing a President that has the same values. If you vote for Hillary I hope that the good out weighs the bad. I hope that Congress shuts her down as much as they have with Obama. Its hard to fathom having a president I can’t trust to tell me the truth or even admit to the lie. But to continue lying knowing your lying, but knowing no one will do anything about it.

If you thought this was a Clinton bash you were wrong. I don’t judge, just state the facts.

Donald Trump

As most of this country knows, Donald Trump has no political agenda. If he does we haven’t heard it yet. The only thing going for Trump is that he paid for his entire campaign and says things will be huge. I think many Americans are still wondering, “Trump, how are you going to do the things you say you are going to do?” I the past if you run for any type of office you have an agenda. You come up with things you can change and will change when you get into office. But as history shows us, most of those things that politicians say they are going to do when they make it into office normally never happens. And I’ll explain to you why that happens later. But for Trump the agenda is missing this and I think its a good strategy. What happens is that you promise change and then no change comes and then the Country blames you specifically for what you said you were going to do and didn’t do it. I think Trump knows this and is running on the fact that he has been successful in business and he just knows how to get things done. But what the American people need are some facts on how your going to do those things. Maybe not to specific, but some idea to curve that question. Trump has had a grand life in America. He is on his 3rd wife, he has bankrupt many of his businesses and has failed many times, but what you don’t see is someone that is blaming someone for his failures and ideas that didn’t work. He has an idea, he drives towards it and if it fails he moves on. If he exceeds he makes it great. Its part of running a business which Hillary has no idea on how to do. I think that Trump makes sense to many Americans because typically our President isn’t someone that has no political background and maybe that’s what our country needs. One of the greatest presidents we’ve had was an Actor. Reagan had an outside view looking in and saw the country for what it was. Those with Political careers don’t see that. They only see the next bill or whats next on the agenda. There are some that do, but most don’t. I think Trump gets that, because he is actually doing things that most politics don’t and that real business. Trump does have his flaws, he doesn’t have filter and that could be good. He does say some things that doesn’t make sense and typically that’s because he isn’t reading from a teleprompter like every other politician. Trump has a lot of convincing to do over the next few months to really bring the people to the America he sees in his head. Americans need to trust him too. Most Americans can’t trust things they don’t see and they haven’t seen what he is going to do for all Americans. Not just for the rich or poor. But every American.

So who gets my vote? Some say you have to pick one of the lesser evils. I don’t see any evil in Donald Trump. And if he serves as President the right way it will be Mike Pence that is really running this country and it will be Congress making the right choices. The President isn’t the person that runs this country. Well that’s not how its supposed to be. The American people run this country or at least that’s how it used to be. The President is an elected official that is supposed to represent the likeness of the American people. That’s all they are supposed to do. They are elected to create relations with other countries, try to help pass laws that help and protect American, keep the wars at bay and again, represent the likeness of the country. States where formed to govern themselves without the influence of the federal government, but have to option to ask for federal help. States are governed by Governs that are elected to represent the likeness of those in the state. They are there to pass laws to help and protect the people of that state from the Federal Government, if they impose themselves on the state and it continues to go down from there. Same as Mayors and City Councils. Congressional member and Representatives are elected to represent their state to the Federal Government. Its pretty straight forward, but our government has run off course of what their actual jobs are for. I think Trump would be a great representative of our country, as he does have a lot of the working class qualities of America. He hasn’t been corrupted with all the political values and he has worked with big country corporations.  Hillary represents all that is wrong with out country. I just can’t get past the part of lying. Everything she has done has resulting in her lying to the American people. She may have changes that could fix our country, but the death that is on her hands and how she has put so many Americans lives at risk is hard for me to get past. We need a president that will reverse the issues that are plaguing our country. The political correctness that is going on has taken on a whole new form. The values that we have turned away as a Godly country is disturbing, whether you belief in God, those values where there to protect you and now that they are gone you are seeing first hand what happens without them. If you think this country wasn’t founded on biblical values then you need to look back at history. We wouldn’t be the country we have been without them. Take God out of our country and you get what you see everyday in the news. We as a Nation used to be a Nation Under God, God has abandoned us. He isn’t here anymore. We left Him out of plans for our country and so He has left us out of His plan. But like I always say, the United States isn’t in the Bible. Maybe we are meant to fall to push that next phase of Gods plan. Only he knows.

I pray that our country becomes a country of unity. One without color differences, one that respects our military, veterans and public service members. Remember, all of those people that protect you, keep you alive, and keep the enemy at bay are all volunteers. They volunteer to keep you save. We could be in a country that has the draft again, we could be in a country that has no one protecting you. We could be living in a country where first class medical care doesn’t exist. I pray that Americans pull their heads out of their 4th point of contact and realize that breaking the law isn’t just for the lower class. I pray that when you go to vote you vote for the betterment of your family and whats best for this country.

Remember. There are only three things that qualify anyone to become the President.

  1. Must be a naturally born citizen
  2. Must be 35 years of age
  3. Must have lived in the US for 14 years

That’t it folks. That’s all that qualifies you to be President. So when I hear that someone isn’t qualified because of their past or because they have no political background or they have thinned skin or because they don’t have a military background, I laugh, those don’t disqualify you, they just change your votes. But in today’s world you should add money and influence to that list, because without those two things you will never be President. Because that position has been tainted by Money and Power and we need to reverse that. I also think that those qualifications need to change. I think you should have served in the Military to become president. I also think you should have college and no past criminal history. Just some things to think about.

Ok so my rant is over. I could go on and on about all this because I love this country. I served this country honorably and I think if your going to be President you should serve honorably too. Whatever values our President has will shape our future Generations. Just think about that before you make your choice.

Published by Brian J. Gibbs

I am a 9 year US ARMY Combat Disabled Veteran who loves this country and works hard to keep this country as great as I have seen it. I served this country to better myself and be apart of something greater than me. I have a greater purpose and it is to serve others and help those that other wise can't.

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