To My Fellow Solider’s

If you need me I am here. Its as simple as that. As a Veteran that statement will never change. Its extended to everyone, but specifically to those that have served or currently serving. The many issues we face coming back and the many challenges of going from combat to the civilian life is harder than any person that has never served could understand. The transition isn’t as easy as the military makes it out to be. They spend so much time preparing us for combat and our jobs, but they fail to educate us on how to survive the world after the military.

The civilian world isn’t structured for the military mind. Not only that its not designed to handle the medical issues that comes with being a Veteran. At one point I was going to so many appointments and physical therapy that I was surprised my employer kept me around. Plus the appointments take hours and usually turn into all day events. Its not as quick and easy as most other appointments.

It will always be impossible to put into words the true nature of a Veteran. We are all broken in some way, we have different experiences, but at the end of the day, most just want peace, we want everyone to come home safe, we want this country to be the best in the world and we want our families to be safe.

So to all Veterans out there. We must stand together. We are the only ones in this country that will truly understand what the price of Freedom looks like. We are the only ones that understand what putting your life on the line means. We are also the only ones that truly understand what each of us are going through. We need to come together to end the suicide of our American heroes.


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