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My Name is SGT Brian Gibbs and I am a US ARMY Combat Veteran. I stand tall even through my own issues to provide a voice of action to the bureaucratic machine that is killing Veterans who did all their fighting on the battle field and just want to live long lives here in America and grow a family that can be proud to be an American.

Sixteen years ago I joined the US Army with the idea that I could gain experience and maybe a profession that I could use to one day have a family and live the American Dream. Those goals came true, but at a cost. In 2004 I deployed with the 1st Infantry Division to Tikrit, Iraq where I contracted a blood clotting disorder that still to this day, doctors can’t tell me why. It took countless efforts and the continued fight and one more deployment to finally be medically discharged in September of 2009. Since then I have had countless issues with my disorder and since 2014 I have been using the VA for my care.

As a Veteran I learned a few years ago that my service didn’t end when I left the Army. I learned the the oath I took didn’t stop the day I was no longer in the Army. I think I learned that the oath means more to me now than it ever did while I was in the Army. Those traits that were instilled in my during my service time will live with me forever and I can only hope that I can pass them along to my children and anyone else that wants to know what service to this country feels like.

With that I have a question for your. What have you done today to thank a Veteran?

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