GitHub Enterprise

Diamond Age 3D | December 22 – January 23

  • Designed and Implemented GitHub Enterprise on premise server
  • Setup new groups and helped migrate repositories from old system
  • Migrated all Auth Keys from old system to new system to give ease of access
  • Architected the systems data storage using MINIO and setup replication of Pages and Actions
  • Implemented Self Hosted Runners onsite utilizing Linux Ubuntu and Archlinux on Mac Studio pro for AMD and ARM commits
  • Designed and Implemented on demand runners for high end projects
  • Setup diagnostics web interface so developers can see impact of jobs on runners
  • Setup LDAP connection to provide group permissions
  • Setup and Test Offsite Github Replication server

Nikola Motor Company HQ

Nikola Motor Company | Phoenix AZ | April 2019 – December 2020

The new Nikola Motor Company HQ new build.
Install Security Client for Local network access using HA Security Clients
Install Fiber Single Mode connections to each 48 port POE Switch equaling 2232 data ports
Install and configure 42 Access Points
Install and configure Siemens DMZ network for Cameras, security, door access, and comfy app
Install secondary internet line for redundancy
Install conference room smart TVs and Google conference room hardware
Setup New VPN access
Install network tools for NEL hydrogen station using SIM access
Build and Design internal Nikola ZeroCloud to provide secure data access

SAAS SSO Implementation

Lessen Inc Mar 2021 – Jun 2022

SAAS SSO – To allow fast growth at a fast pace we needed to be able to bring new applications online quickly and also allow for security while doing it.
Leveraging Okta SSO into our environment allowed us to manage user access and onboarding very quickly. This also allows us to offboard any employees leaving the company via a single click of a button, which protects our environment.
Okta also allows us to leverage MFA for our applications and any internal applications we may build to add an extra layer of security.

From March 2021 to July 2022 we successfully onboarded 67 applications utilizing Okta. With this added security we met opposition because of the nature of MFA. We then leverage the Okta Verify mobile app which allows a much smoother MFA experience and allows our field team to authenticate much quicker.
Also with Okta we have begun using Okta’s Workflow which allows us to connect to specific applications to sync data that otherwise isn’t added based on the application. This has also sped up our timeframe of information and making sure application data is universal.

Lessen Onboarding

Lessen Inc Feb 2021 – Ongoing

Starting with only 100 employees and scaling to 700 employees within 10 months took precise calculation on equipment and delivery.
Onboarded 600+ employees and successfully shipped over 3000+ pieces of equipment to remote teams. All equipment was designed, built and shipped with employees ready to work on day one with minimum issues.
The task wasn’t easy due to the nature of chip shortage and supply chain issues. Working with our procurement company and receiving daily updates of what was available helped our team execute one of the fastest growths I have ever been apart of. We were able to onboarding over 40 brand new employees each Monday for several months straight. This showed the strength and residency that my team has

Lessen Intranet

Lessen Inc – Jun 2022 – Oct 2022

Worked to help build out the intranet using Simpplr for Lessen. This setup helped me take the courses needed to understand how to setup Simpplr.
Setup Mapping for direct data from Okta to Simpplr
Setup Favicon
Setup Email Support
Setup SAML Login
Setup Mobile App

Lessen Academy

Lessen Inc – Jun 2022-Oct 2022

Lessen has committed to the success of its employees by implementing a Learning Management System that will allow employees to take courses to increase there knowledge to not only provide resources, but increase the capacity of Lessen knowledge.
Setup SAML Connection
Setup User Accounts
Setup Rules for Employee ID linking
Imported over 3000+ courses manually

Nikola Motor Company

September 2018 – Present

Installed 55 48 port POE switches to provide network to over 2000 data ports. Installed 35 Access Points and designed the wireless network.

Connected HVAC, Building Automation, Lighting, Security Cameras, and Building Access to the local network. This network was segregated by VLAN networks for security and accessibility.

HVAC – Connected HVAC system via mycomfy bacnet to allow mycomfy app access to the HVAC systems and allow end users to control via mobile applications

Lighting – Connected Lighting system via Siemens banet to allow lighting control in mycomfy application

HID Building Access – Worked directly with Siemens to build, design and install Siemens HID system and built out all security aspects of ID Card access

Wireless – Installed UNIFI wireless network with Radius access. Radius access gave access to specific VLAN networks and provided scripting for network access while onsite.

PLM | MES | 3DExperience – From Solidworks and moving into the 3DExperience we worked hard to build the environment through Phase I. This phase setup and installed 13 Production Windows Server 2016 servers with SQL databases, Website access along with server monitoring and security measures implemented to protect intellectual property. To date over 100 users use this system to build out the vehicles, design the manufacturing facility and build and create the BOM for Dynamics 365.

Work from Home – During the height of the Covid Pandemic I worked tirelessly to built a robust security OpenVPN network with failover clustering to provide direct connect while end users were working from home. Implemented scripting designs to give access to local resources will not at the office. Created VPN network that would also protect the home network when connected. One of those designs was implementing DarkTrace as our Cyber Security SIEM. This provided SAAS security, GEO location Security and gave the IT team a larger over view of what was happening daily on our network.

Network Monitoring – Implemented Zabbix network monitoring. This was designed to monitor CPU and Memory usage of our PLM/MES environment. Adding in auto recovery to the system allowed our server environment to self heal in the event of an incident. Also adding in a secure level 3 SNMP monitoring into Zabbix to monitor UNIFI system to setup alerts of over utilized networks, disconnected Access Points, and heart beat misses from network switches.

Showroom Displays – To provide information to employees and visitors I installed 4 televisions in the main show room. This provided daily information, social media, stock, new employee, and office layout information. We also displayed Executive information the showed off our products to incoming visitors. We used a cloud program called digital cloud.

Touch Screens – In the height of the move into the new facility our engineers were in need of large screens to show 3D CAD to teams. The struggle was moving these models easily without the need of a mouse or being tied to the end users computer. After contacting our procurement partner and working with View Sonic we found a solution that would allow our engineers to spin full size CAD with the touch of their finger and give Engineers the ability to display vehicles easily at a low cost.

Collaboration Spaces – Setup Google Meet Hardware in 30 meeting locations. This allowed for easy collaboration using the same tools that we use everyday. Also adding in smart TV’s into these areas end users could project directly to the TV’s using Google Chrome Cast

Manufacturing Design – Working with the Manufacturing Team we built a segregated network that was only accessible by the Manufacturing Team which provided network security to all CNC and 3D Printers.

Fleet Manager – As the Vehicles were being built and designed we need to come up a with a way to track the Vehicle as they moved from port to port. We also needed a way to track the vehicles during testing phases. Using Snipe-IT we were able to design a system would track the deployment and check out of each vehicle. Along with adding on assets, accessories and configurations of each vehicle. This helped with tracking all movement of new vehicles.

Asset Manager – With over 550 employees and thousands of assets we needed to be able to track all incoming and out going equipment. Using Snipe-IT we were able to setup tracking of all assets, whether in signing out assets or putting assets in maintenance mode, we could track all aspects of the assets. We were also able to integrate Snipe-IT without our Jira Platform that helped with asset tickets.

Virtual Reality – During the early days of design there was a need to visually see the vehicle in a way that could reduce time and money. Adding on HTC virtual reality and working with the design team, we were able to design and implement VR into the build of our vehicles. This helped with timing and budget and has increased our ability to add new features or functions to the vehicles from a 2D design to a full 3D design that you can walk around and visually see the changes.

Wireless Network | Falcon Field

Setup, Designed, and Implemented Internet Services for Falcon Field Plane Hanger that didn’t have any Internet Services from any of the major providers…ie Cox Or Century Link.

Installed 5 foot pole from existing customers roof to provide free internet for customer. Installed Ubiquiti Network Equipment to broadcast 40mb speeds to Falcon Field Hanger.

Installed 5 foot pole on roof of Hanger, Connected to two Ubiquiti dishes to connect the two networks.

Now Falcon Field Hanger has a private Internet Service provided by CompuPartners at a low cost and is dependable.


Provided support to install new LG iPECS UCP100 VOIP Phone system for Premier Title Agency in Las Vegas, Nevada

Designed and setup new phone system for 40+ enterprise company that previously had a Cisco Call Manger


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