Small Steps

A few months back I was sent a survey question from the CVA (Concerned Veterans of America). This survey asked one question. As a Veteran what do I think would change the VA and make it better for Veterans? Most of the time I don’t bother with these kids of questions because there are so many Veterans out there that I am sure my survey wouldn’t be read and wouldn’t be important. But on the off chance that it would, my ideas could help.

So I filled out the Survey and just last week I received a call. They want to spotlight me in a video that will be presented to Congress in February. I was shocked by the opportunity and even more shocked that I was chosen. So I can’t wait, they are supposed to be here in January with a camera crew to get my ideas on camera and my experience with the VA. I am praying and hoping that God answers my prayers that this is my way of helping not only myself, but my fellow Veterans who are suffering and dealing with bigger issues than me. I hope and pray that God has given me the vision to make a change that could save lives and change how Veterans look at the VA.

To many Veterans the VA is all they have. Its their only means of healthcare and they are failing at that. These are hopefully the small steps that need to happen to bring back the original vision of the VA. Lets take care of our Veterans.