Two Thieves Motorcycle Ministry


As a Christian and a Veteran there are always two things you look for in your life. The first is purpose, without purpose we have no drive and without drive me have no will to better ourselves and become a better person. The second is comrade. Even in normal everyday life we look to have a significant other. We were created to have a partner and that partner could just be a brother at arms, a best friend, a spouse or a family member. As the old saying goes, “Partner in crime.” Its how we were created and something we seek everyday.

Two Thieves Motorcycle Ministry is just that, Two by two we go into the world to make disciples of others. It is a ministry devoted to the word and devoted to the purpose to spread the gospel to those that will hear it. We are no better than the two thieves on the cross that were crucified with Jesus. Even in the end one asked for forgiveness and Jesus accepted him into Heaven. Its never to late to give your life to Christ. The sooner the better so you can live you life with Him, but its never too late to accept Him as your savior.


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