Work History

Work Experience:

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Diamond Age 3D | Director of IT | November 2022 – Present

• Provide Top level support for high level issues.
• Mange day to day Information Technology Needs.
• Design and implement remote networks for home building.
• Provide quarterly audits for internal and external threats.
• Mange internal servers and networks for high availability software.
• Work directly with software engineering teams to provide direct support for GitHub.
• Provide Senior Leadership weekly updates on security, networks, and IT Roadmaps
• Manage and develop a high-level helpdesk system to provide support for end users.
• Maintain high costly equipment equally more than 1 million dollars.
• Provide software overview and costs.
• Provide solutions for teams utilizing already purchased software or future software.
• Manage all cost of hardware, software and maintain good reports on assets.
• Manage door access control and physical security for all company location.
• Be the go-to person for all Information Technology needs

GibbsTech | Founder |  November 2022 – Present

As the founder of GibbsTech my main focus is to provide direct IT consulting to clients that are in need of fast IT solution.

  • Provide high level of consulting to Small to Medium businesses
  • Inform clients of newest technology
  • Inform clients of newest software and security practices
  • Train clients of usage of software and technology to help utilize there skills
  • Consult start ups on technology, software, security and how to quickly build there company


Lessen Inc | Director of IT | February 2021 – November 2022

As the Director of Information Technology for Lessen my main focus is to provide a positive experience with technology and deliver on time hardware, network, security and software solutions. This isn’t the only limitation to my position. As a member of a team at Lessen my goal is to full fill the need to any department as it arises no matter the scope or details.

– Provide each stakeholder directions and solutions to complex issues
– Design, Build and Implement an Enterprise Network
– Design, Build and Implement a Secure SAAS environment for a rapidly growing company
– Design, Build and Implement multiple warehouse networks with integrated security
– Provide direct employee and customer support
– Identify technology needs and make recommendations to business decision-makers
– Evaluate the company’s adherence to federal technology requirements for security
– Manage the IT team including support technicians and vendors
– Maintain company hardware and software programs
– Update technological equipment in the company
– Implement company-wide technology updates and hold sessions to teach employees on new features
-Maintain the company cost for digital assets.
-Maintain the company cost for physical assets


Nikola Motor Company | Senior Manager, IT | September 2018 – June 2021

  • Develop the structural environment for safety and security
  • Design and Implement corporate policies to protect and serve the Nikola Motor Company Staff
  • Provide technical support for Desktop, Laptop, Server, and Networking environments
  • Develop and Implement New Employee Orientation
  • Setup and Configure new employee’s
  • Work with Partners and Vendors to procure new and renew software and hardware
  • Maintain Corporate physical and wireless networks
  • Subject matter expert on all software and hardware
  • Provide physical and digital security for the corporate office and all subdomain offices
  • Provide Insight to our Partners on software develop and software use
  • Design and Maintain corporate Virtual Reality hardware and software
  • Develop and Train Employees on new software and hardware
  • Maintain Security Gateway
  • Develop Maintain GSUITE environment
  • Develop and Maintain Hyper Computing Environment for Engineers
  • Maintain Helpdesk support system
  • Create and Develop corporate PLM system
  • Maintain company Asset tracking system
  • Purchase Hardware and track depreciation value
  • Maintain Purchase Order System for IT Management
  • Develop and Maintain security systems
  • Maintain corporate conference room meeting hardware and software
  • Monitor and Maintain over 6 million dollars’ worth of equipment
  • Create security procedures and implement security compliance
  • Maintain HID Global Access system and all security equipment
  • Maintain and build MAC and Microsoft Images
  • Sustain Office 365 and G Suite (Google Workspace)
  • Create and implement company security policies
  • Setup and Maintain Dynamics 365
  • Maintain PLM/Enovia Server Environment
  • Build working relationships with Insight Global to reduce costs of Hardware and Software
  • Created working relationship with Tata Technologies to reduce cost of Hardware and Software
  • Build and Maintain company VPN
  • Manage Corporate building lighting, HVAC, and Security systems
  • Manage Jira Helpdesk, Jira issue tracking, Jira Project management
  • Build, Design and Maintain Jama Software for requirements Management


BVA INC | Senior System Architect | March 2018 – September 2018

  • Take ownership of design development and implementation of client projects
  • Work with client executive team members, decision makers, and stakeholders to define business requirements and systems goals, and to identify and resolve business systems issues
  • Collaborate with client network staff (as applicable) to ensure smooth and reliable operation of software and systems for fulfilling business objectives and processes
  • Develop Statements of Work and project proposals with internal President and sales team
  • Gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of existing client systems to develop and implement strategies for improvement
  • Integrate servers, including database, e-mail, print, and backup servers and their associated software into enterprise systems.
  • Maintain multiple secure network environments and infrastructure solutions for all clients
  • Create and maintain documentation as it relates to system configuration, mapping, processes and service records
  • Address issues with client accounts in a timely and professional manner
  • Drive firm technology to new areas (test and vet)
  • Interact with clients and employees in a courteous, business-like manner Senior System Project Engineer 2
  • Mentor and advise/assign System Support Engineers as needed with regard to client issues
  • Serve as an escalation resource to Support Engineers to resolve high level ticket/issues
  • Architect, Build, and Implement new VMWare infrastructures for new and existing clients
  • Install and Maintain Dell AppAssure (Quest) Backup solution


Barrett-Jackson | Systems Engineer | July 2017- March 2018

  • Design and Implement Network configurations to provide security at HQ and Auctions
  • Configure and monitor networking, servers, PC, and Wireless Networks for Auctions
  • Setup and Design Auction equipment and infrastructure for 4 auctions yearly
  • Guide and Mentor IT Staff to provide expert knowledge of Network
  • Manage all properties owned and operated by Barrett-Jackson
  • Install and design wireless network for Auctions to include networks during Live Auctions
  • Create Auction networks to secure Live feeds for stage crew to provide a seamless handoff and provide fast internet

itSynergy | Net Admin | February 2017- Present

  • Create a dynamic alignment between the customer and the companies technology solutions to create a standard for security and use.
  • Help with HelpDesk when issues arise
  • Meet with customers to discuss alignment

CompuPartners | Computer Network Engineer | June 2016 – January 2017

  • Provide direct support for enterprise companies throughout the Phx Valley
  • Design and Implement new technologies and network design
  • Meet with customers to plan and design technologies to provide optimal support
  • Troubleshoot and fix all computer issues within each companies network design.

Military Assistance Mission | Director of Operations | March 2016 – June 2016

  • In charge of day to day operations
  • Website design
  • Support for our Active Duty Service Members


Concerned Veterans for America | Phoenix Local Volunteer | October 2014 – January 2016

  • Grassroots Volunteer

Southwest Turbine Inc. | Information Technology Manager / Safety Officer (OSHA) | May 2014-April 2016

  • In charge of Day to Day Computer and Networking to include Servers, Website, Computers, CAD Machines, and Engineering Computers

Phreedom Technologies | Level II Systems Administrator  | November 2013-May 2014

  • Systems Administrator for several medium sized businesses
  • Provided onsite services
  • Developed and designed MSP Backup system

Arizona Grand Resort & Spa | General Information Technology Manager | September 2012-November 2013

  • Managed 4 technicians on a daily basis
  • Managed the setup, design and maintenance of Arizona Grand Resort, Laguna Beach Resort, and LaPlaya Carmel Resort
  • Manged day to day network activities and installation of Conference room equipment

Nothing But Net | Server Administrator | June 2012-September 2012

  • Worked as a Server Build Tech | Night Shift

Wydebeam Broadband | Director of Technology / Operations Director | October 2011-June 2012

  • Directed the build and design of Wireless Internet Service to 3000+ rural customers
  • Maintained networking equipment exceeding $1 million in cost
  • Served as the Operations Director and managed 3 techs and 1 office personnel

Radiant Church | Information Technology Specialist | September 2009-October 2011

  • Worked as an entry level IT Specialist
  • Engaged in day to day network, cable, server, PC, Check in, and digital design equipment
  • Provided support for weekend programs and ministries
  • Engaged with Ministry Directors to provide technology support and future technology design
  • Volunteered on the weekends in Youth and Children’s Ministry
  • Youth Camp Leader
  • Internship for Youth Pastor completed 2011

U.S. Army | 69th Signal Company | Senior Cable Systems Installer/Maintainer | December 2006-January 2007

  • Senior management of 7 in telecommunication for base operations

U.S. Army | 69th Signal Company | Cable System Team Chief | January 2007-September 2009

  • 1 Tour to Kuwait for Kuwait/Iraq border fiber installation – December 2007-April 2008

U.S. Army | 57th Signal Company | S1 Operations Sergeant | July 2006-December 2006

  • Worked as the S1 Operations Sergeant for the newly designed 57th Signal Company
  • Handled all employee request for change in paperwork

U.S. Army | 98th Command | Regional Better Opportunities for Single Solider President | May 2006-December 2006

U.S. Army | 57th Signal Company | Company Training Non-Commissioned Officer | April 2006-July 2006

  • Was the Training NCOIC from April 2005-December 2006
  • Setup Training material, conducting training exercise walkthroughs and helped build the training structure for new satellite MOS

U.S. Army | 121st Signal Battalion | Company Operations Non-Commissioned Officer | May 2003-April 2006

  • 1 Tour to Iraq during OIF II – Feb 2004-March 2005
  • Helped maintain the largest network ever designed at the time by the US Army

U.S. Army | 2nd Battalion, 12th Calvary Regiment | Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic | February 2001-March 2003

U.S. Army | Solider in Training | August 2000-February 2001

McDonalds | Floor Manager | July 1998-August 2000

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